Novel for Tweens by Mary Hamilton: Hear No Evil

Hear No Evil (Rustic Knoll Bible Camp Book 1)

Brady McCaul’s first summer camp experience starts off on a sour note when his mom drops him off and tells him he can’t come home. She doesn’t want him living with her anymore.

While Brady tries to figure out what he did wrong, he finds loyal friends in his blind but capable cabin mate, Steven, and Steven’s spunky friend, Claire. Together, they team up for plenty of action in ball games, canoe races and sweatshirt relays. But while Brady’s talent on the trumpet earns him a top spot in the camp talent show, it’s not enough to counter the ugly words he hears from the camp bully.

Cruel taunts and teasing deepen the pain from his dad’s abandonment six years ago and now Mom’s rejection. To top it all off, a misunderstanding makes Brady wonder if anyone cares about him. Even God seems to have left him alone during a night of survival on the lake. Will Brady discover the truth about God as well as his mom’s rejection?

Find the answer in Hear No Evil. Also available on Barnes & Noble and Meet more of the characters and connect with the author at or on Pinterest at or Faceook:


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